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When your Plan A for lead gen isn't enough!

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Do you ever wonder how well your Google Ads campaigns are performing versus the competition?

Whether it’s you running the account, a staff member, or even an outside agency...
it’s easy to become one of the “also rans” in the fast moving, AI driven, constantly evolving world of Google Ads.

When that happens...
your ads drop further and further down the Google search results,
where almost nobody sees them.

Your higher ranked competitors attract all the best leads...
and you’re left with none!

Or even worse, you get the low quality leads...
those ones that suck up your valuable time and resources…
and then result in zero new business!

And worst of all, you don’t even know all this is happening...
because you have no way of monitoring what is really going on in the market each month.

So would you like to have an “unfair” advantage over the competition?

What if you could see exactly what all your competitors are up to?

And that includes the ones you aren't aware of yet?
WARNING, there are far more of them than you think!

For most marketers, Google Search ads often seems like an impenetrable black box.
So how much better will your campaigns be, if you already know:

all your competitors' offers,
their hidden landing pages,
and the most successful ads in your market.


Get alerted when a new competitor enters your market.
And if it’s important to your business...
you can even see whether any competitors are bidding on your BRAND name.
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Are you ready to get your share of the market?

Two of the ways that we can best help you:

  1. Do you have the time and confidence to actively manage and optimise your own campaigns?
    If so, then we can provide you with a monthly analysis report of your Google Search Ads market, so you can see what the competition is up to and how your ad coverage compares.
    You can use this information to adjust your campaigns and outperform your competitors!

  2. If you don't have the time and/or the confidence to actively manage and optimise your campaigns...
    then simply leverage our 15+ years of experience running Google Search Ads, combined with our unrivalled global market analysis capabilities, and have your campaigns for managed you.

To begin dominating your competitors in Google Ads, contact us today for a quick chat by using the form below: