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About Us

Our mission is simply to generate high quality leads for our clients... leads that actually CONVERT.
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Established in 2006
Our Internet marketing odyssey began in 2007 by going into battle with a company, you may have heard of, called Amazon.
Slugging it out, toe to toe with them, in the downloadable audiobooks market, meant that there could be only one outcome – their company Audible is a big success and our humble venture doesn’t even merit an entry in the annals of eCommerce history!

However we learned many valuable lessons... the main one being "don’t pick a fight with Amazon".
And we applied that knowledge to providing Google Ads management services and Internet Marketing advice to other companies.

Now, after 15 years, we continue to use our core skills to innovate and push back the boundaries in lead generation services for our amazing clients.
So if you want more high quality leads for your business, then contact us today.